J a m e s & D e b r o a h

James and Debroah’s wedding was all types of awesome! They both got ready at a beautiful warehouse apartment in Fremantle along with their close friends and family. They also decided to have their wedding photographs taken before the ceremony, so that they were are able to spend more time with their guests. Here’s a little sample below from their beautiful stylish wedding.James&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&DebJames&Deb