Mandoon Estate Wedding Swan Valley

Jess and Ryan we’re married at Mandoon Estate in the Swan Valley. The bride spent the morning getting ready at The Estate’s luxe hotel ‘The Colony’ in a beautifully appointed room overlooking the banks of the Swan River.

This set up for a relaxed morning, everything was in walking distance on the day and we didn’t need to leave the grounds for wedding photos as the venue is stunning.

Venue : Mandoon Estate

Celebrant: Swan Valley Celebrant

DJ : Magnetic Storm Entertainment

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Beach Family Shoot

This lovely family have been in front of my camera a number of times now. I firstly photographed their engagement session and then their beautiful wedding on Rottnest Island. We met up again a few years later for a Fathers Day family portrait session down at Waterman’s bay.

R e b e c c a & G l e n

Rebecca and Glen were married on a Saturday afternoon overlooking the Swan River by the celebrant Marissa from Marry Me Marissa. The ceremony venue was styled beautifully by Sarah from Hearts Strings & Pretty Things. Fortunately the rain held off long enough for us to take our photos on location at Heathcote Reserve. The Wedding Reception was also held on location at BWG Restaurant. Here are few photos from their beautiful wedding day.


Ceremony  : Heathcote Reserve :    Reception : BWG Applecross   Celebrant : Marry Me Marissa  Venue Stylist & Hire : Hearts Strings & Pretty Things

K e i t a & G r a n t

Donnelly River Village is truly unique and located deep in the heart of the South West.

It’s a magical place nestled under giant Karri Trees. Arriving at the village is like stepping back in time, there are no TVs, phones or internet – just some friendly resident wildlife and a billion stars twinkling overhead at night to keep you company.

The Bride and Groom hired out the entire village to accommodate their family and friends for their wedding weekend. The Brides family stayed in the beautiful Old Boarding House and the Groom’s family took over Loco Cottage.

The wedding itself was steeped in many Dutch and Scottish traditions, along with some Māori and Noongar touches. Friday evening started with a BBQ and Welcome to Country by Joey Williams from Poornarti.

Saturday, wedding day! The wedding ceremony was held under a beautiful giant Karri Tree in the nearby forest. The guests were greeted by a piper on arrival and sat on hay bales which had already been nibbled on by some friendly kangaroos.

The reception was held at the original Workers Club with food trucks set up in the old tennis courts. The amazing sounds of the Two Cent Professionals keeping the dance floor filled till the early hours of the morning.

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Venue : Donnelly River Village

Celebrant : Joan Strikwerda-Brown

Welcome to Country : Poornarti

Make Up Artist : Allure Beauty

Band : Two Cent Professionals



M e g a n & W i l l y

Megan and Willy were married at the Bell Tower in Perth which was a stunning setting for an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  As we only had a small window of time for the bridal party wedding photos we made sure the location we’re close by, starting at John Oldham Park and finished under the Canning Bridge. The reception which was so much fun was held on the banks of the Swan River at the Swan River Rowing Club. Here are a few snippets from their wedding day.Tenacious_Photography_Perth (36)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (37)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (38)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (42)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (34)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (33)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (35)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (39)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (40)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (41)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (43)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (44)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (45)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (47)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (48)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (50)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (51)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (52)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (53)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (54)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (57)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (56)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (59)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (58)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (60)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (61)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (63)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (64)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (62)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (65)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (66)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (67)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (68)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (69)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (70)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (71)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (72)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (73)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (74)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (75)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (76)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (77)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (78)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (79)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (80)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (81)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (82)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (83)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (84)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (85)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (86)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (29)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (26)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (27)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (28)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (30)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (31)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (87)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (88)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (90)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (89)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (94)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (92)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (93)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (91)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (95)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (99)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (97)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (98)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (100)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (102)Tenacious_Photography_Perth (101)